The West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) belongs to all Hong Kong people, and your participation in the public engagement (PE) exercise is the key to its success. Following the Stage 1 PE exercise, which was held from early October 2009 to early January of this year, we received a lot of valuable feedback on the planning of the WKCD from members of the public and various groups across the city. Please click HERE for the report of the Stage 1 PE exercise.

We are now at Stage 2 of the PE exercise. Our three master planning teams, Foster + Partners, Rocco Design Architects Limited and Office for Metropolitan Architecture, have each prepared a Conceptual Plan for the WKCD after taking into account the views received in the Stage 1 PE exercise. In short, these plans were made with the help of people just like you.

The Conceptual Plans are visions for creating the best possible layout for the WKCD. They show the distribution of the arts and cultural facilities as well as various other land uses, including commercial, retail, hotel, residential and public open space. Internal infrastructure facilities and major access arrangements for vehicle and pedestrians as well as external connections are also shown.

Tell us what you think!

We would like to hear your opinions about these Conceptual Plans, how the development of the core arts and cultural facilities in the WKCD should be phased in order to have an organic growth, and any other comments you would like to share.

You can voice your opinions before 20 November 2010 by:

The future of WKCD is in your hands ...

One of the three Conceptual Plans will be selected by the WKCD Authority taking into account the feedback collected during the Stage 2 PE exercise. Moreover, aspects from either of the other two plans, as deemed desirable by the public, may also be considered by the WKCD Authority for incorporation. The selected plan will form the basis for the preparation of a detailed master plan, which will then be unveiled to the public during the Stage 3 PE exercise, tentatively scheduled for 2011. Once the public has expressed their views regarding the detailed master plan, it will be fine-tuned and submitted to the Town Planning Board for consideration.

From start to finish, your support and participation in the development of WKCD are of utmost importance which will enhance Hong Kong people's quality of life . Come see what's in the plans and let your voice be heard!

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